J  A  M  E  S     D  E  R  E  K     O  L  I  P  H  A  N  T

The Oliphant Photography brand is distinguished in its style and adheres to the traditional adage, "keep it simple."  "I believe that a portrait should speak volumes to the viewer, unveiling the personality and depth of its subject.  With that in mind, gimmicks and props are minimized, leaving just photographer, subject and that symbiotic rhythm that produces a great piece of art.  I am a Print Artist that provides a family heirloom that can be celebrated and passed down to generations to come."


Mr. Oliphant is a fine art  portrait photographer, based in Chicago, IL & Miller Beach, IN.

His love of photography began during his formative years.  After viewing a PBS documentary on Black and White photography he embarked on a life long passion. 

When he's not creating images, you'll find him reading, writing or traveling.


Oliphant's work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light.

Completely self-taught, Mr. Oliphant purchased his first 35mm camera and darkroom equipment after working a summer job at the age of 16.  He spent countless hours behind the camera and in the darkroom. 

Having worked for three of Chicago's top commercial print labs, he is considered a photographic guru amongst his peers.

Free Consultation

If you're interested in a free consultation to discuss your portrait needs, please get in touch with me using my contact form.

The consultation can be conducted on the phone, via Skype or in person.  I prefer the latter and would love to meet you!


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